Sales sales sales

Like an annual tradition, my mother, sister and I get super excited about the Christmas and January sales and somehow muster the energy on early Boxing Day morning to join the queues outside our favourite stores. Not the extremists however, who queue outside Next at 2am or camp overnight outside Selfridges! We’re not that hardcore. Or insane. However, I have noticed this year that perhaps this queuing craze is starting to die out.

Retailers announced a nose dive in footfall after the initial Boxing Day chaos, with sales tailing off dramatically. By the end of December 2012, stores were noticeably quieter as shoppers realised that better bargains can be obtained online. In fact, one of the best designer discounts I noticed this year came from Mulberry’s very own official site. Slashing tags by 50%, even on the good stuff! Definitely no need to battle it out on the handbag floor with selfish hoggers at Selfridges!

And despite being a little disappointed with Zara’s discounts this time round (£20 off an £80 bag really is not a bargain is it?) I still couldn’t resist snapping up several items, especially as I know smaller sizes are like gold dust in Zara. And yes, I queued an hour inside the store to pay at the till. Only to return half the items… And the funny thing is, I will probably do it again next year!

Here are some of my favourite ‘bargains’. What do you think of sale shopping?




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