Bedroom & Closet Overhaul

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One of my key projects for the new year was to finally get round to revamping my bedroom, which up until now, has not had an update since I was in high school. And after only 3 weekends of:

1. Going through my entire wardrobe and sorting clothes into: ‘Keep’, ‘Sell’, ‘Charity’ and ‘Bin’
2. Clearing and organising all my shoes under my bed (and hours of much needed hoovering under there!)
3. Painting all four walls a new pale, dove grey colour
4. And, partially building a new custom-wardrobe

I cannot wait to get to the furnishings and decoration! Here are just a few things from my Pinterest board I’ve been using to log my inspirations…

thecoveture inspiration songofstyle inspiration pinterest board

I also read recently on Superficial Girls blog here some really useful tips on how to get started if you too are thinking of doing a bedroom/closet/wardrobe overhaul. One thing I will add when sorting through the clothes is to be firm and brutal – if it feels like a ‘maybe’, throw it out!

I find a great place for home decor ideas and generally everything from Aimee on! I will be sure to share final before and after transformation pictures of my bedroom soon!


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