That Wedding in Singapore

The sun beamed with intensity as we walked under a pure, blue Singaporean sky towards Marymount, to attend the morning tea ceremony of my dear cousin and his beautiful bride. It was a bright morning. Just like every other one had been in Singapore, where the sunlight was strong all you saw was white. And the soaked backs of men’s shirts was a reminder of the usual humidity.

But despite the unbearable heat, the groomsmen and bridesmaids successfully conducted the traditional Chinese ‘gate crashing’ in style and the bride nevertheless emerged in the most stunning ‘kai po’ I have seen to date. The tailor-made dress had an incredible lace back (think the high quality crochet type) which fitted her perfectly. Of all chinese kai po’s I have seen, this one is the closest to the stunning design worn by Hong Kong model Kathy Chow. Needless to say, I immediately noted down the name of the tailor!




Several hours after the warming buffet at the bride’s lovely home, where some of the best local Singaporean food was served (although 90% of it was super hot and spicy, and by this point of my holiday I was desperately craving something that wasn’t) it was time to get ready for the main wedding ceremony held at the great Raffles Hotel.

At first it seemed doubtful that we would watch the happy couple get married in the courtyard, with the indecisive rain clouds hovering and causing a stir. The hotel staff were constantly on guard and ready to stack up all the chairs as soon as a couple of drops came down. This happened at least 3 times, before it was decided that Plan B had to be implemented. But this plan certainly wasn’t secondary in terms of impact. Taking place on the sheltered stage in the courtyard and looking out onto the beautiful lawn, we watched the groomsmen, bridesmaids and super cute nephews and nieces walk up the rich, red carpet. Not to mention the dramatic and emotional music in the background – it was safe to say I was already sobbing after one minute!




So the big moment came, the bride arrived. An elegant, one-shouldered white gown, with light ruffles that were so airy they almost looked perfectly ‘under-styled’ – of course it was Vera Wang. From Vera Wang’s lower-end collection, this gown not only had a fantastic price tag, but the upmost quality and grace that only a designer gown would bear.

IMG_2153 IMG_2122

As for myself, I wore a simple, fitted skater dress in dusty, pale blue by French Connection, teamed with nude courts and accessorised with a statement necklace I purchased from a local Singaporean boutique.

DSCN1139 DSCN1142 IMG_2124DSCN1121


Have you or will you be attending any summer weddings this year? Please share all your wonderful experiences, I hope you have enjoyed reading mine.


America Photo Diary

















So I have been lacking lately due to a trip to America, coupled with a snowballing amount of work and looming deadline. But this week I’ve managed to take some chill time and finally getting to post some travel pics! This trip was an incredible experience for me in terms of overcoming many ‘firsts’ – first flight alone (I have always been able to share my travels with at least one other person), first time in Dallas (admittedly it was only the airport!), first visit to Austin, first time in Arizona, first time leading business meetings independently… Basically a lot! And although many if these were initially unnerving, it was a positively challenging experience and I loved every minute of it.
My first stop was to Austin, Texas for 3 nights where I took a drive by tour of quirky Austin, met some super friendly locals and worked with lovely colleagues based in the office out there. What I was most impressed about Austin was the variety of food. It is clearly a hub for upcoming street food as we drove by streets of people swarming and queuing for the latest food truck delights. Wurst Tex and Vietnamese Mexican were just a few concepts I spotted. If I had more time in downtown I definitely would’ve liked to waste away the day trying everything! All in all I would definitely recommend anyone to give Austin a visit, for it’s super friendly, chilled atmosphere and intriguing eats.